Martin Nee

Martin was born in Sussex but is torn between Sussex and his love of Fife where his family have lived for generations. He spent his summer holidays playing on the beaches, surrounded by the volcanic rock formations that are a characteristic of the area. He did not realise at the time what a huge influence it would have on his work in later life.

Martin always wanted to be involved with art and design and despite his fathers wish for him to be apprenticed to a trade, he went to art college and studied graphic design.

After working for several advertising agencies as a general artist, Martin moved on and went to work at the Evening Argus in Brighton and ran the art studio for 20 years. What an experience watching the changes in the printing industry as it evolved from moveable type, which was labour and space intensive, to computers which took up no space and little manpower. Martin then founded his own business and worked freelance solely producing artwork on his computer.

Finally at this time of his life he is able to indulge in all the influences that had affected him.  The colours and textures from his childhood, the new technologies and the disciplines of his working life all came together and inspired him to use the paints, colours and resins that make up his work.

Martin had a life threatening illness several years ago, he was put on a course of treatment that was somewhat debilitating and life changing. As the drugs left his system last year he not only regained his creativity but felt as if it had been given a huge boost. He has so many ideas racing through his mind that before he has finished one piece of art the next one is forming in his mind. He has developed a technique that allows his work to be guided by the movement of the paint itself and the outcome surprises even Martin!

We have around thirty examples of Martin’s work in the showroom at the moment, and we are constantly changing them around to give a fresh feel to the display.

Also, Martin regularly does commissions for us as part of our Interior Design project work, so even if you don’t see anything the right size or colour in the showroom – just ask! – Martin will create a piece especially for you!



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