Red Bottle vase – Small

  • Height – 28cm
  • Width – 24cm
  • Depth – 13cm

A stunning vase for any room.

Striking free-form shapes and vibrant finishes radiate energy throughout this collection.

From vases and bowls to much larger objects,  these original pieces draw inspiration from a long tradition of lacquerware but with a contemporary twist.

These vases are made from re-inforced Acacia Mangium (sometimes called ‘Forest Magrove’) and formed to create the shape.

A first layer of lacquer is applied to provide a stable surface on which to apply silver leaf. This is followed by another five layers of lacquer (24 hours drying time between coats!), the last coat of which being U.V. resistant to avoid discoloration.

The vases are 100% handmade. Every handmade crafted product is an artisan made original and unique to itself. Slight variations in each item are not defects, but rather part of the inherent beauty of each piece.

The price we are quoting here is for the vase on the right-hand side of the group of three.

This vase also comes in Stripey Warm Silver.

Please note: these vases are purely decorative and are not suitable for water.



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