Sylvie Montagnon


Exclusive to La Source in the UK, we have worked with Sylvie Montagnon for over eight years now and we continue to love her wonderful work.

An artist, a craftswoman and a creator in glass art, Sylvie Montagnon expresses herself through paintings in glass, with collections of uncommon original objects. Pure and sculptural forms, lights, vases and now furniture… stand out through their unconventional colors. The palette range intensely blends golds and violets, blues glow with red tones, greens are as real as nature. Glass and crystal compete in density and transparency to produce unusal chromatic ballets and unexpected plays on light.

Sylvie Montagnon learnt her craft at the hands of great masters, sculptors and glass artists. She has established her own style and is a true expert in a technique she has been refining for 20 years. She fully symbolizes French know-how, a luxury “Haute Couture” glass art that captivates art-lovers and international collectors. Each unique work is signed and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

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